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Fast, Friendly, Fixed


15 Years Of Industry Experience

Pit Crew Coffee Service is the go-to team for coffee equipment sales and service.

With an impeccable reputation and commitment to our customers, we provide fast and reliable service to keep your business profitable. Experience the difference with Pit Crew Coffee Service!

Please note: We do not service home machines and do not have a recommendation for home machine repairs.

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At Pit Crew Coffee Service, we provide a comprehensive coffee equipment repair service. We specialize in all types of coffee equipment, from espresso machines to grinders and brewers. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair any issue you might have. We also provide our clients with a wide range of planning services for cafes and work with your architects and general contractors from blueprint to build-out. 

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Pit Crew Coffee Service sells a wide range of commercial espresso machines, brewers, and water conditioning equipment.  We pride ourselves on excellent relationships with our equipment vendors, allowing us to work with wholesale roasters wishing to supply or sell equipment to their customers. 

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We offer comprehensive service and repairs for all types of coffee equipment, from the largest superautomatics to single-group pour-over machines. Our technicians have extensive experience in all kinds of coffee equipment and are constantly trained on existing and new equipment from leading manufacturers.

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We've often had to fabricate or improvise a specialized tool for a special job.  These can save a lot of time and potential damage to your equipment.  

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